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Building Relationships One Client at a Time

Building Relationships One Client at a Time

Building Relationships One Client at a TimeBuilding Relationships One Client at a TimeBuilding Relationships One Client at a Time

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I qualify to file Bankruptcy?

Determining if you qualify to file bankruptcy, can often be a complicated question to answer.  At its root, bankruptcy is need-based relief.  What type of bankruptcy you may qualify for depends on a number of factors, that may included, but may not necessarily be limited to:  1) what your present income and expense are; 2) what your current debt consists of; 3) what type of property you possess; and 4) whether you need to utilize bankruptcy to assist you in retaining assets.  The very best advice we can give is to speak to us so we can evaluate your own unique situation to make an informed determination as to whether you qualify for bankruptcy relief, or if bankruptcy relief is right for your circumstances.

What is the difference between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is known as a "liquidation bankruptcy."  Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can provide you with a quick discharge of your debts and can take as little as 3-4 months.   However, depending on the type of assets (property) that you own, and how much its worth, some of your property may be subject to liquidation (sale) by your bankruptcy trustee to pay some, or all, of your debts.   Do not despair, however, as liquidation of assets in Chapter 7 is rare when compared to the number of Chapter 7's filed annually in the United States.   Consult Carpenter Law today if you want to know your bankruptcy options!

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is known as a "personal reorganization" and may be appropriate if you wish to retain property and need a structured repayment plan free from harassing creditors.  Chapter 13, for example, may allow you to cure a default in your home mortgage and avoid foreclosure; assist you in re-structuring car payments or pay delinquent property taxes.   Chapter 13 is also available for individuals that do not qualify financially for Chapter 7 relief, but nevertheless needs bankruptcy assistance.  If you are in danger of losing your property, contact Carpenter Law today to discuss your rights!

I'm young and healthy, do I still need a will?

There's no set age for which someone SHOULD or MUST execute a will.   As a basic matter, any one of sound mind and of lawful age (18) can execute an enforceable will.   Like many other legal matters, whether or not you should consider drafting a will depends on your specific circumstances.   Do you own real estate?  Do you own financial or other tangible assets that won't automatically transfer to named beneficiaries when you pass?  Do you have other property that you wish to specifically bequeath to someone when you pass?  All of these questions should be considered when deciding whether or not to have a will drafted.   However, drafting a will should undoubtedly provide you with the peace of mind that your affairs are in order in the event of an untimely passing.   Unfortunately, life is full of unexpected events, and death is certainly not exempted from that list.

What does a free consultation with Carpenter Law consist of?

Prior to commencing any legal services on your behalf, of utmost importance to us is that you know what ALL your legal options are to resolve your issue.  Depending on what type of service(s) you are looking for, we will request pertinent information in order to provide you with a competent consultation.   For example, if you are seeking bankruptcy relief, this information may include current income verification, tax returns, real estate documents, if applicable, and a detailed list of all current debts.  Completing a will likely requires a disclosure, at minimum, of your current assets and information on who you'd like to name as beneficiaries in the document.  However, each case is unique, so when you call us for a free consultation we will identify all pertinent documents needed so that we can provide you with a complete consultation.

Does Carpenter Law offer referral incentives?

Yes! At Carpenter Law, we value personal relationships and we want to help those that you care about-Friends, Family and/or Colleagues.   Once your referral is verified, we offer a $100.00 credit towards fees incurred in current legal matter in which we are assisting you, or towards any future legal matters that we can assist you with. 

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