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Building Relationships One Client at a Time

Building Relationships One Client at a Time

Building Relationships One Client at a TimeBuilding Relationships One Client at a TimeBuilding Relationships One Client at a Time

Services Offered

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Personal Bankruptcy

Are you struggling to pay your bills or drowning in credit card debt?  Are you currently unable to pay your mortgage and your home is at risk for foreclosure?   Carpenter Law has over 15 years of experience in assisting individuals take control of their financial destiny and obtain a fresh start through bankruptcy.  Call Carpenter Law today to get the financial fresh start your deserve!

Collection / Creditor's Rights

(Including State Court Litigation, Post-Judgment Collection and Bankruptcy Litigation).  Carpenter Law has the knowledge of the law and courtroom experience to allow you to be made whole.

General Civil Law

Civil Disputes are of a non-criminal nature which require the intervention of the courts.   This could include suing an individual or entity to recover money owed to you;  or suing a party to recover damages because you have been injured in some way, or due to property damage.   Carpenter Law has proven experience in Civil Law and our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights.

Wills and Estates

There is never a bad time to execute a will.  Do you have property that you want to specifically leave to a friend or family member when you die?  Executing a will can provide you peace of mind that your affairs can be easily concluded when you pass.  Or, do you currently have loved ones that are not physically or mentally competent to care for themselves?  The probate courts have mechanisms in place to help you take care of your family under such circumstances (guardianship and conservatorship).  Let Carpenter Law assist you in protecting your assets and your family, both now and in the future!

Traffic / Misdemeanor

We're all human, and we make mistakes.   Whatever your problem-let Carpenter Law take the reigns and guide you through this stressful time.

Landlord Tenant / Real Estate Law

Evictions can be complicated and frustrating; whether you're a landlord trying to regain possession of your property, or a tenant dealing with the prospect of being forced to find a new home.   Carpenter Law is sensitive to these issues and will handle your case with professionalism and compassion.

Need a deed drafted to assist you in your estates plan?  Trying to sell a property on land contract and need guidance on how to protect yourself?  Let Carpenter Law be your resource.

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